The Story

Sooooo, I have been so slammed with catching up on work for clients on top of my 9-5 job that I haven't been able to get the second half of my Japan vlog finished. I'm so sorry guys! I will get there I promise! Phoenix ComiCon is in 36 days and I'm trying to finish 2 costumes as well. 

Instead of totally neglecting my blog, I wanted to post some images I shot a few months back and never released. A band approached me and asked me if I could do some artwork for the cover of their new single and these are some out takes. Once I know I have the shot, I like to add and subtract to the set, ya know, play around a bit. Why not, I've already got everything set up! None of these images are close to the one the band used, so if you'd like to see that image head over to Note To Self's page and check it out! 


So as you all have probably noticed, there is two of each image. This is my process, this is my hell as a photographer/retoucher. My lightroom catalog is filled with a plethora of virtual copies with different edits on each. I can never just pick one. I can't tell you how many times I ask my roommate, "which is better?" This is just how it is. So with these images, since they were ultimately for fun, which of each do YOU like best? Drop your vote in the comments and whichever has the most picks will be put on my Facebook page  and Instagram.


Ta-ta for now!