Avengers in Wonderland: Captain Rabbit

HALLO! I've been slacking on posting due to Con crunch! But now I can share all the images I've been working so hard on!!

A lot of people didn’t get to attend the Concept to Creation panel at Phoenix ComiCon which I co-hosted with Maise Design Seamstress and Lunar Lyn. And that’s okay! PCC was really crazy this year, and I know I have some fellow out of state followers who obviously couldn’t attend. I won’t be going into all the details of the costume making process or the wig styling, but if you would like to know about those things, head over to Gabby’s and Karlyn’s pages for details and questions! Any questions about props, head to Dolfworks for more info!

 Sketches of AiW costumes by Maise Design Seamstress

Sketches of AiW costumes by Maise Design Seamstress


My portion of the panel was to briefly explain the process of capturing the images. I didn’t go into in-depth detail during the panel as we only had an hour. BUT that is what my blog is for!!! So with that being said, I will walk you through my process from start to finish.


Captain Rabbit



I will forever and ever and ever say that pre-pro is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of any photoshoot. I’ll make another blog about that at another date because I could go on and on and on. The pre-pro for Itty Bitty Geek’s image was little to none actually. Which drove me off the wall. Usually I’ll spend a good amount of time referencing lighting examples I like, poses, location ideas, colors, etc… but this shoot was different. With cosplay in particular I always google the character to get a feel for the history and emotion of them. I’ll reference other cosplays and how they have posed, where they shot, the emotion evoked. But try googling white rabbit cosplays, ya dont get much. So that option was out of the window. Captain America cosplays were easy to find but I didn’t really find anything other than the iconic salute pose that I like for the mash up of these two. SO. pre-pro was pretty little. I knew I wanted the light to be a mix of ambient and strobe as well as have a contrasty but soft feel from the strobe.


The Shoot

Wade and I had scouted the location about an hour before everyone got there. Nothing really screamed White Rabbit or Captain America. For those not familiar with Phoenix, we don’t really have a lot of green. So making something look like Wonderland isn’t an easy task. Once we met up with the girls and started walking around, I showed Itty the couple of places I was thinking and let her decide. We chose a spot where tree fall covered most of the lake behind her but also allowed a really nice open shade area. Which was key to mixing ambient light with a flash. As far as lighting goes, I set up a Profoto D1 air 1000 with a silver beauty dish powered by a mini vagabond. I went back and forth on using a grid on the beauty dish, I don’t remember if the edited image has a grid, I believe it did. I also had an assistant hold a reflector to camera left behind the model. I always shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III. My lens for this was a Canon 24-105 4.0.

ISO 100. 1/200 at f/4.0.

 Lighting diagram

Lighting diagram


That’s pretty much it as far as the shoot goes. It was simple. Just like Cap.


Post Production

I had no idea what I wanted to do with this to be honest haha. During pre-pro, (pre-pro ties into all aspects of the shoot) I knew I wanted the finished edit to have a bit of a “matte” feel. I also knew I wanted random bursts of color that slightly mimicked random light flares on old film. I’m including a screen recording of the layers being turned on and off in photoshop so you can see how it all comes together. I do use photoshop actions for color grading. “But Deegan you’ve ranted about other photographers using filters, you’re a hypocrite” If you’re saying that, cool, that means you pay attention to what I say. Why do I use actions? Because it’s SO much faster. I know how to split tone, frequency separate, make gradient bursts, add a vignette, etc… I know how do all the things built into the actions I use, I just choose to work smarter not harder. Now, here’s the video:


There it is. That’s pretty much it. Itty’s edit was by far the simplest of the AiW. Next up: Thalice! I’ll post that later. Make ya wait. :)


If you have questions about anything, feel free to ask!