Avengers in Wonderland: Iron Hatter

A lot of people didn’t get to attend the Concept to Creation panel at Phoenix ComiCon which I co-hosted with Maise Design Seamstress and Lunar Lyn. And that’s okay! PCC was really crazy this year, and I know I have some fellow out of state followers who obviously couldn’t attend. I won’t be going into all the details of the costume making process or the wig styling, but if you would like to know about those things, head over to Gabby’s and Karlyn’s pages for details and questions! Any questions about props, head to Dolfworks for more info!

Iron Hatter



*This sentence will be in every post for this series* I will forever and ever and ever say that pre-pro is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of any photoshoot. I’ll make another blog about that at another date because I could go on and on and on. The pre-pro for my shot was easy. I found some tea party references and one was lit by candles. After seeing that I knew that’s how I wanted mine lit. And of course with the arc reactor too. That’s pretty much it for pre-pro. It only made sense for my character to be set in a tea party environment.


The Shoot

Shoot wise, this was also easy! Knowing I wanted everything to be lit by candle light, I didn’t have a lot to set up. I asked Gabby for a large piece of upholstery fabric for the “wallpaper” in the shot, tacked that on my wall. Set up my craft table and put a brown sheet on it, decorated the table with a couple of Gabby’s tea cups and a bunch of random weird stuff I already had decorating my room. From there, it was just placing my camera on a tripod, having Krista frame and pose me, and adjusting a few settings here and there. The only tricky part was being very still. Since I was shooting with only ambient light from the candles and my arc reactor, we did have to set the shutter speed down pretty low. So no moving!

*I'm not including a light diagram because there was no lights.


Post Production


Again, post production was more simple than the others. I had to duplicate a candle, since I only had 2 for the shoot. That was probably the most complex part of the edit. I made my red eye a bit larger. Fixed the background a bit, and that’s about it. It was a really simple edit. The magic in this edit lies in the coloring. Which you will see here:


That’s pretty much it for this one. Nothing too complicated. Sometimes the simplest sets turn out to be so beautiful!

If you have questions about anything, feel free to ask!