Avengers in Wonderland: Queen Widow

A lot of people didn’t get to attend the Concept to Creation panel at Phoenix ComiCon which I co-hosted with Maise Design Seamstress and Lunar Lyn. And that’s okay! PCC was really crazy this year, and I know I have some fellow out of state followers who obviously couldn’t attend. I won’t be going into all the details of the costume making process or the wig styling, but if you would like to know about those things, head over to Gabby’s and Karlyn’s pages for details and questions! Any questions about props, head to Dolfworks for more info!

Queen Widow



*This sentence will be in every post for this series* I will forever and ever and ever say that pre-pro is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of any photoshoot. I’ll make another blog about that at another date because I could go on and on and on. The pre-pro for Lunar was cake. We knew it would be in studio/her house haha, so we needed strobes and a background. We wanted a matte, royal feel for it. I knew all of the magic would be in post. Not exactly how I like to shoot but I’ll make exceptions from time to time.


The Shoot

Shoot wise, I set up a background stand with a black sheet. Had an Alien Bee with a PLM on it raised to the ceiling. And off to camera left was a fill with a shoot through umbrella. Her pose was what really made the image come to life in my opinion. She held her posture stick straight and just had that “queen glare” and it really tied everything together. We wanted to have one side lit with the other falling into shadow pretty quickly. It was a rather fast shoot.

*not including a light diagram for this one because I can’t make the key light source look correct so I don’t want to confuse anyone.

Post Production

This was an intensive edit. It just took a really long time to figure out exactly how to color grade the image and change some lighting to focus the viewer more on her face. Adding the rose petals was also a task. There really isn’t a lot to explain in this section. The video will speak for itself.


All in all i really do love this edit. I always love editing Lunar’s photos because she always knows how to work in front of the camera. Her facial expression in this has made it one of my favorite images of all time.

If you have questions about anything, feel free to ask!