About Deegan

I grew up in a small town in mid-Missouri racing dirt bikes and playin' on the lake. After almost breaking my neck racing, I picked up my mom’s camera. I did graphic arts at a vocational college while in high school and realized that wasn't my cup of tea. I went to community college for a year for a business degree and didn't much like that either. So I packed my life into my 2000 Honda Civic, moved to Massachusetts and went to photo school. I graduated from Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2013. 

While working with me, you'll find dedication first and foremost. I'm all about sitting with my clients, presenting mood boards, listening to ideas, and bringing your vision to life. I pay very close attention to even the smallest detail.  I like to have fun on set while still being focused and thorough. 

Now that I've told you the boring things, here's some fun things about me.

I love Marvel, anime, and pop culture. I love to cosplay, I visit a handful of conventions every year. Craft beer! I'm an avid concert goer. I'm tattooed, and my hair is always changing. 

But enough about me, tell me about yourself!


Phoenix, Az